The employment generation program by (BHWF) is to provide skilling for Indian students who are idle or clueless after their graduation or other forms of formal education.

According to the Center for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE), there are about 31 million unemployed Indians in pursuit of jobs. While the economy is hard-hitting, it is wise for students to acquire new skills instead of anticipating the creation of jobs. According to CMIE, the estimated jobs to be created in 2018 are a meager 6,00,000! Another report states that more than 8 million jobs are required to maintain the balance of India’s employment rate.

Industry-oriented education is still an alien concept to majority of the Indian youth, which causes their failure in finding employment as per their aspirations. A major issue is also, that students are being given their respective degrees in bulk all over India however not all of them can be deemed employable based on their skill set. The quality of education is decreasing in relation to the quantity of institutions in the country.

Brave Hearts conducts an intensive pre-assessment to ascertain the requirement of industries and the appropriate skills to be developed for the youth. The level of skilling provided is of the highest quality and at most times unparalleled with other skilling programs within the country. The program includes certification programs where courses are provided at highly subsidized rates. The emphasis is on the practical implementation of projects and other digital assets which makes the certification course of a very valuable nature at such a low cost.

The participants upon completion of the course will be certified marketers equipped with the knowledge to stand out in their careers, provide professional consulting services or apply these methodologies to a startup or any business venture.