When it comes to our youth, Indians, lead the way with the highest number of teens between the age
group of 10-24 in our country. According to one report, the population of youth in India is 36 crores and that
makes us one of the strongest nations in the world. Young people with their innovative and creative
minds hold the power to easily change India’s status from a developing country to a developed one.
But if we ask ourselves, honestly, are the young people really doing anything to change India’s position
in the world? Unfortunately, they are not.

When we talk about youth population we have the highest number of youth in the world. But we also
lead when it comes to the highest number of teen ‘suicides’ in the world. Our young people are ending
their lives and those who don’t commit suicide are living a stressful life.

We tried to understand the reasons behind these tragic events. We tried to look deeper into this matter
and what we found was quite disturbing. According to our research, there are few reasons behind
suicidal tendency behaviours in youth but we would like to share one of the reasons for everyone.
Before getting into that we would like to share recent incidents, one of which was about two young
people who were in a relationship. One of them, belonging to the Indian Armed Forces, called on our
helpline, expressing how he wanted to end his life because his girlfriend broke up with him due to some
issues. We found out that even the girl tried to commit suicide. What we came to know was that they
both met on Facebook and decided to get into a relationship.

We came across another recent incident about a 12yr old kid who tried to kill himself because the girl he
was committed to deciding to end up with the relationship. When we tried to find out how this
relationship was formed, we came to know that they also found each other on Facebook.
There are millions of such other incidents like these which are strange and make us worry.

What is happening on Facebook and How Facebook is responsible for creating such an imbalance in
our youth?
There are some important facts about Facebook we all must know.
India has the world’s second highest number of Facebook users in the world now. Out of these, 68% of
the users are our teenagers. And another shocking truth is that out of these young users most of them
are under the age of 13. These children create their account with the wrong birth date even though children
below 13 are not allowed to access Facebook.

But what exactly are these young people using Facebook for?
It was seen that our teens access Facebook, not for some productive use or anything remotely
important for our country but in fact, they use Facebook to build relationships with people they haven’t
even met in person. They find it really necessary to upload their pictures or ‘selfies’ as we call it these
days on Facebook, every day. Why is it so that a number of likes and comments determine our self-worth
these days? Why is it so that in order to feel good about our self it has become necessary that we
upload something and maybe impress someone?

Is this what our lives have become all about?
We are displaying our private information and personal pictures for everyone to see. We don’t realize
how dangerous it can be. Small kids who make their accounts on Facebook do it out of curiosity, they
are not aware of what kind of troubles they could get into. They don’t know they could come into
contact with bad intentioned people.

It seems as if social networking has replaced the more important things in life. Important things like
meeting each other in person, going outside our homes and playing or doing anything that involved the use
of our own brain. We don’t see youngsters outside playing some sports anymore. Youngsters don’t find
it exciting to fly a kite on Independence Day, anymore. Young people don’t think it’s more important to
buy a sports kit or an art kit to spend their time with but buying a smartphone to access Whats app or
Facebook has become really necessary as if life is nothing outside this box.

We have made ourselves so dependent on these things that imagining, even, an hour without the use of
a phone or a laptop seems like a huge challenge. This has become a new kind of addiction. We all need
to come out of it or at least limit the time we use these things. Facebook is doing more harm than good.
Our message is really simple. We want our young people to make use of their skills and be more active
in making our country a better place and less active in updating statuses or pictures on Facebook.

When we do something for each other we naturally feel good about ourselves then we don’t need any likes or
comments to determine how good we are. Life becomes meaningful when we come out of these small
boxes and make a change by being present and doing something for others no matter how small.