Medical Facilities

For BPL (Below Poverty Line) Card Holders 


– Brief 

This program is an endeavour towards spreading awareness about medical aid schemes and policies in lieu of BPL (Below Poverty Line) population and acting upon discrepancies by private hospitals in their treatment.

The Delhi High Court passed an order on 22 March,2007 making it mandatory for private hospitals availing government land on subsidy to provide free treatment to people belonging to the Economically Weaker Section(EWS), which means 25% OPD and 10% IPD patients must be treated free of cost for some diseases and charged at a subsidized rate for other treatments.

Subsidization of land purchased by the private hospitals according to the government is a great initiative, but the tragedy is policy violation and biased provision of treatment to the patients by the hospitals. After several pleas submitted to bring the monopoly and business of these hospitals into the notice of the judiciary, the Supreme Court had to look into the functioning of these 44 top private multi-speciality hospitals and impose appropriate fine on them for not abiding by the law.

However, the main question that remains is – do the people below the poverty line really get to avail free healthcare provided to them by the government? The answer is a big no. BHWF found that majority of them do not even know their rights to free healthcare. Following which, the people at BHWF made successful attempts at bringing about awareness in the economically weaker sections about the same. They went into slums and other dwellings of the concerned people all over Delhi to make the people aware about their rights. Team BHWF urged them to use the free healthcare facilities set aside for the economically weaker sections of the society.



Brave Hearts intends to help BPL patients make the most out of the benefits they are entitled to while keeping a check on the private hospitals, whose duty is to uphold the functioning of these benefits. There is a helpline of BHWF to ensure immediate medical help to people below the poverty line of India. The program was a massive success. Huge number of people benefitted through it.

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